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Interlink Technology Services Pty Ltd (RTO Code 31926) has the ability to reach all corners of the Globe through the smart use of Technology. We are proudly Australian owned. 

Across all programs, Interlink Technology Services apply the national Assessment Principles (SRTO 1.8-1) to all of our processes, techniques and tools:


The individual learner’s needs are considered in the assessment process.

Where appropriate, reasonable adjustments are applied by the RTO to take into account the individual learner’s needs.

The RTO informs the learner about the assessment process, and provides the learner with the opportunity to challenge the result of the assessment and be reassessed if necessary.


 Assessment is flexible to the individual learner by:

  • reflecting the needs;
  • assessing competencies held by the no matter how or where they have been acquired; and
  • drawing from a range of assessment methods and using those that are appropriate to the context, the unit of competency and associated assessment requirements, and the individual.

 Any assessment decision of the RTO is justified, based on the evidence of   performance of the individual learner.

 Validity requires:

  • assessment against the unit/s of competency and the associated assessment requirements covers the broad range of skills and knowledge that are essential to competent performance;
  • assessment of knowledge and skills is integrated with their practical application;
  • assessment to be based on evidence that demonstrates that a could demonstrate these skills and knowledge in other similar situations; and
  • judgement of competence is based on evidence of performance that is aligned to the unit/s of competency and associated assessment requirements.

 Evidence presented for assessment is consistently interpreted and assessment results are comparable irrespective of the assessor conducting the assessment.

For any candidate assessment, we also work to support and comply with the Rules of Evidence, therefore any evidence (SRTO 1.8-2) that you provide for our assessment must be:


The assessor is assured that the learner has the skills, knowledge and attributes as described in the module or unit of competency and associated assessment requirements.


The assessor is assured that the quality, quantity and relevance of the assessment evidence enables a judgement to be made of a learner’s competency.


The assessor is assured that the evidence presented for assessment is the learner’s own work.


The assessor is assured that the assessment evidence demonstrates current competency. This requires the assessment evidence to be from the present or the very recent past.

OUr Complaints and Appeals Policies and Processes can be accessed here:

ITS Complaints _ Appeals Policy and Process.