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Project Management is an established industry discipline, and skilled practitioners are in strong demand from organizations across all sectors.


Talented and professionally trained Project Managers bring real value to organizations. Interlink Technology Services understands the importance and the high demand that’s present for Project Managers around the world.


From time management to human resources, or even communications and procurement, Interlink Technology Services are ready to give you the skills that  you need in order to traverse the waters of Project Management and help you in becoming a knowledgeable Project Manager.

Consultants are recognised experts within their chosen field and provide clients with a highly specialised, professional service, which draws on their considerable experience and qualifications.


Today’s consultant works in a wide range of professions, such as human resources, information technology, financial management, project management, marketing, and many more.


The world moves in one direction, forward. And in that direction, things constantly interconnect with each other and new challenges arise.


In order to tread correctly to not only pass by but also succeed in their respective fields, organizations and companies are constantly in demand of consultants with foresight and the readiness to face whatever comes their way. We’re ready to equip you with said foresight and readiness.


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is the process of identifying potential threats and opportunities that may impact an organization, and preparing for them.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) takes place when ERM is fully integrated at all levels and functions within an organization. IRM benefits all organizations, regardless of size, as a robust IRM culture brings value and strengthened business resilience.


Organizations that apply an integrated approach within their business structure enjoy stability, security and peace of mind. IRM allows businesses to react quickly and appropriately to challenges, and the process of Risk Identification also places organizations in a stronger position to

identify opportunity and enhance returns.


Here we are able to give you the necessary knowledge in order to implement IRM in your company / organization.

The 10911NAT Certificate IV in Integrated Risk Management is designed to introduce candidates the fundamentals of Risk Management.


The course is ideal for staff members who support or apply Risk Management in a functional role within their organisation.


Practical hands-on training is delivered utilising a range of tools within the training workshops.


This is a course developed specifically for project coordinators and team members with  a detailed overview of fundamentals.


With this course we aim to provide our candidates with the best practice knowledge and skills that are necessary to contribute to the management of a project, or take responsibility for components of larger projects. 


Candidates will also learn of sound practical understanding of project principles and methodologies 

This is a program with a scope set for Program Managers or Project Directors, and it aims to provide essential skills to navigate programs of projects Successfully negotiate key challenges facing Program Managers.


Graduates will be equipped to:  Implement best practice; Direct programs of multiple projects; Actively manage complex and competing schedules; Display outstanding leadership.