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Industry Professional Recognition

We at Interlink consider that only the highest quality of knowledge should be given to those who aim to be consultants and educators. Therefore, we must let you know that our courses are backed up and recognized by professional bodies in our industry. Below are organizations who have thankfully supported our courses and our intention to bring you top tier knowledge.

RMIA Endorsed Courses

The Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA) is the professional institution and industry association for Risk Managers in the Asia Pacific region. Members of the RMIA cover every sector of the community and economy segmented into the following broad categories : Banking, Engineering, Government, Mining, and many more. 

RMIA has endorsed our 10911NAT Certificate IV in Integrated Risk Management, and our 10941NAT Diploma of Integrated Risk Management courses, which align with industry and current best practice and enhance the profession.

AIPM Approved Course Provider

AIPM endorses project management courses that align with industry and current best practice and enhance the profession.

AIPM Endorsed Courses are reviewed by an expert assessor, who is not only expert in competency based training and assessment, but also industry expert in Project Management.

Due to the rigorous application requirements set by AIPM for courses to be endorsed, students are assured that the courses listed are the most relevant, recognised and acknowledged programs available.

Our BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management course is once again endorsed by AIPM!


IMC Recognition


The 10942NAT Diploma of Consultancy is owned and exclusively offered by Interlink Technology. During its design and development, it was supported by input from a wide range of industry practitioners, including representatives of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) in Australia.

The IMC has recognised our 10942NAT Diploma of Consultancy as a valid professional development platform for its Members in Australia. The 10942NAT Diploma of Consultancy is offered to IMC Members as a discounted Member consultants continues to change.


Ongoing advances in technology, legislation and statutory reporting requirements require consultants to be on top of their game. Consultants need to be aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities, and keep abreast of change within their own, and their clients’ workplaces.

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